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Protecting your privacy is important to us.
The following statement will help you understand how collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us. Personal information, including your email address, is never sold, rented or traded to third parties.

Information Use
If you provide us with your e-mail address or have done so in the past, we may upon occasion send you email correspondence to inform you about products and/or services.

Company Commitment to Privacy is actively involved with current industry initiatives to preserve individual privacy rights on the Internet and in all aspects of electronic commerce.
  • We only collect the information that is needed, and we tell you how we use it.
    Collected information is limited to what we need to know to administer customer accounts, provide you with proper customer services, to offer new products and services, and to fulfill any legal and regulatory requirements. We tell our customers about the general uses of information we collect about them, and we will provide additional explanations if customers request it.
  • We give customers choices about how their data will be used.
    On a regular basis, we give our customers the option to decide whether or not they wish to have their names removed from lists used for mail, telephone and online marketing. These opt-out choices include product and service offers from and those made in conjunction with our business partners.
  • We ensure information quality.
    We use advanced technology and well-defined employee practices to help ensure that customer data is processed promptly, accurately and completely. We require high standards of quality from the consumer reporting agencies and others who provide us with information about prospective customers.
  • We use information security safeguards.
    Access to customer data is limited to those who specifically need it to conduct their business responsibilities. We use security techniques designed to protect our customer data -- especially when certain data is used by employees and business partners to fulfill customer services.
  • We limit the release of customer information.
    In addition to providing customers with the opportunity to opt out, we release information only with the customers' consent or request, or when required to do so by law or other regulatory authority.
  • We extend these privacy principles to our business relationships.
    We expect the companies we select as our business partners to honor our privacy principles in the handling of customer information.

If you have any questions about this statement, you can reach us toll-free at 775-831-7288, or email us.


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